What are Start-Up Services?

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start-up services

As the name suggests, start-up services are typically the services offered by an external organisation to help in the ‘start-up’ phase of your new business.

This can take many forms and look different for each new business. You can choose to outsource the entire start-up process to an external consultancy. This is one company who can take care of everything you need to turn your business idea into a company. This can help if you’re starting a business but lacking the technical skills.

Or you can choose to outsource just parts of the business start-up journey. If you have no idea where to start with your marketing strategy, you may wish to outsource only the marketing strategy to an external company and tackle everything by yourself.

Start-up Services usually offered:

  • Business Plan development
  • Goal setting
  • Marketing – online and offline marketing strategies
  • Sales – Lead generation
  • Management – operations and day-to-day running
  • Business Development – strategies, plans and nicheMarket Research
  • Funding advice – getting you ready for investors

What do AMC offer?

At AMC we’re a little different.

We involve you and are led by you at every step of the way. We don’t run the show without understanding your needs and objectives first. As far as we’re concerned, it’s your business and you know best about the direction you want to grow in. But you might need our help along the way. Starting a business can be scary and it helps to have some professional advice along the way. Let us guide you away from making the common and expensive mistakes.

We also think we’re pretty flexible. You set the pace and define what happens. We just help you make it happen. We work within your budget and timeframe, not the other way around. Our pricing reflects that, you pay only for the services you need and not for the all the things you can already do by yourself.

At AMC we can also offer a few helpful add-ons along the way. Website development; creating your website, SEO services and website maintenance management are a few handy skills we can offer to complement your new business. We understand that not everyone has the resources or time to focus on making and maintaining a new website. It’s not always the top priority, but in today’s world, it has never been more important. Read more here.

Who typically uses Start-up Services?

Despite the name, our help can come at any time;

  • We help out laying the all-important foundations for small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in the initial stages of starting up a business.
  • It could be earlier than that, if you need help with idea development, to see if your awesome idea has legs before you take the leap into starting your business.
  • It could be when you’re already up and running but need a boost in lead generation or help with your online presence or to regain focus and direction.
  • Need specialist help with a short-term project? We can help you with our Project Management Services.

Contact us

It all starts with a simple hello. Tell us about your situation and needs.


What happens next

  1. Get in touch to us and tell us about your situation. The more information we can gather, the better.
  2. We’ll reach out, via your preferred method of communication, for an initial consultation within 24hrs. This is completely free and there is absolutely no obligation. The idea behind the consultation is to make sure that we understand your position, what help you need and to make sure we can offer you the support you need.
  3. Once we have the information we need, we’ll take up to 1 week to research the best solutions for you. We’ll put it all together in a proposal for the best course of action. You’ll receive a proposal via email with a clear outline about what we can do. This includes, what, when and how it will happen. It also includes all the things we need from you, so you know exactly what is expected from you too.
  4. There is no obligation if you’re not 100% happy with the solution we present. Usually proposals have a validity period. That gives you time to review and decide what is best for you so you know how long you can mull it over for.
  5. If you want to go ahead, we discuss the finer details and get starting on transforming your business idea.