5 Reasons why you need a Website right now

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5 reasons you need a website

There are hundreds of reasons why you and your business need a website, but we’re narrowed it down to the 5 most crucial benefits, because no one has time to read all day.

In case you haven’t read any of our other blog posts, i’ll say it again; having a website for your business is pretty much the most important marketing exercise you can do. Over 60% of us turn to Google when we have a question, when we are looking for ‘electricians in Manchester’ or when we want to find a supermarket open at 3am. Imagine your business not being there when your potential customers need you!

Well, if you still need some convincing here are 5 of the most important benefits to having a website for your business;

1. 24/7 Presence

Say goodbye to only being available during business hours. A website is out there open and available for all to see at all time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website doesn’t close for public holidays.

This means that customers can find you and your business whenever they want and from the comfort of their own home. They don’t need to wait until 09:00am to call you, they can contact you via your website at any time.

2. Share Information

Customers can find out all the latest information from your website. Be that contact info, opening hours, information about the services and products you offer, about you as a company, links to your social media accounts, the latest news from your neck of the woods, testimonials from your latest success story or a nice fun video promotion. Whatever the information you want to share, put it on your website and your customers will find it.

3. Know Your Customer

This is a big one. With analytic tools you can get to know your customer better and have access to consumer data. You can identify who your customer is (age, gender, nationality etc), how they reached your website (via social media, google search, what they searched for), what things they like and an insight into their consumer behaviour.

With that information you can build a typical customer profile and target your customers better. This can even affect what you do offline, such as opening hours, product offerings or promotions.

4. Credibility

Any reputable company should have a website or at least an online presence. Customers feel comfortable to use services if they trust what they see. Show customers what they want to see by having a professional website and sharing all of your beautiful content.

It’s all about positive experiences and for the customer those start when they search for your website. An easy to find and use website makes all the difference.

5. Global domination

Ok, take it easy. But you expand your reach to the whole online world when you get a website. Think about the growth opportunities and breaking down geographical barriers just by having a website for your business. Today the whole world is connected through online experiences, don’t miss out on that and the possibilities to reach more potential customers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other benefits to having a website for your business that range from saving costs, improving customer service, eCommerce possibilities, reducing overheads and many, many more. Get in touch with AMC if you are looking for a website solution.