Why You Should Use WordPress

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why you should use wordpress

WordPress is the most popular platform used to create new websites. It is reported that over 30% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Let’s have a look at some reasons why we think you should use WordPress.

What is it?

WordPress started out as a blogging platform and today it is the most commonly used platform for creating and building dynamic websites. One of the main reasons that it became such a popular tool is because it is an open-source content management system. This means that we can copy or modify its code.

Why is it so Popular?

One of the main reasons why WordPress has gained so much popularity is because it lends itself to many different types of websites. It is no longer just a place for bloggers. It is easy enough for anyone to use, not only developers, and it is incredibly flexible to produce an array of types of websites.

Of course, there are many other platforms to choose from when building your new website. Wix, Shopify, Magento or Joolma, to name just a few. Each has its own benefits, the majority of which fulfil a specific niche or market.

Reasons to Use WordPress

Here are a few reasons why we choose WordPress;

  • It’s Free – It is free software. You don’t pay anything to download, install or build your new website. There is no monthly fee to use it. WordPress is self-hosting which means that you will need to pay for your own hosting service. Most themes and plugins are also free but you may wish to upgrade to premium ones for more choice and flexibility.
  • Flexible and Customisable – It was originally created as a blogging platform but today you can use it to build any type of site you need. There are plenty of plugins available to support whatever type of site you decide to build. There are thousands of themes available, so if you’re in the non-tech category it really doesn’t matter.
  • SEO Friendly – With WordPress, SEO is built into the platform. It will automatically generate title tags and meta descriptions for all your pages and posts. Therefore, WordPress websites tend to rank higher in search engines than others.
  • Easy to Use & Manage – As we mentioned already, you don’t need to be a developer to use WordPress. It also comes with built in updates management system. You can update your themes and plugins within WordPress using the dashboard, easy peasy.
  • Media – It supports images, documents, audio and video as standard. That includes a long list of file types that are all supported.

There are many more reasons why WordPress is a great solution when it comes to creating your new website. Why not let us do it for you? Contact us to find out how we can help.